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Philokalia Ministries is offered to all, free of charge. However, there are real and immediate needs associated with it. You can support Philokalia Ministries with one-time, or recurring monthly donations, which are most appreciated. Your support truly makes this ministry possible.

Where Do Your Contributions Go?

At $250 Per Month

Once we reach $250.00/month, we will be able to cover the basic costs associated with publishing the podcast: editing software, a Zoom subscription, and a website. 

At $1,050 Per Month

Currently our production manager is working for free. Once we raise $1,050.00/month, we will be able to pay them to work 10 hours a week on production management, podcast editing, website development, donation processing, and social media content. 

At $5,000 Per Month

At $5,000.00/month, Philokalia Ministries will be fully funded, and Father David will receive a monthly stipend for his work. This stipend will directly contribute to Father David's regular living expenses. In addition, at this level we can save for future projects, recording equipment, the occasional mailing, and more. 

Are Contributions Tax Deductible?

No. Philokalia Ministries IS NOT a 501c3 non-profit. At this time, and at our current level of

fundraising, the complications involved in establishing a non-profit far outweigh the minimal benefits being a non-profit would provide. Contributing to Philokalia Ministries is just like supporting your other favorite podcasts and creative organizations. 

What Giving Platform Do You Use?

The donation form below will allow you to make a contribution with DonorBox. We have chosen DonorBox for two reasons: 1. It puts the donor in control of managing their contributions, and 2. You get to pick whether to give via PayPal or Stripe - everything all together in one place!

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